Training Task Instruction

  1. Before you begin,PLEASE VISIT About page
  2. Please
  3. Please follow your friends too in the group (You may do this from Twitter Page).
  4. Please select one of the Training Video (Video Training 1 or Video Training 2 in Training Page).

  6. Please observed the video information details on top of the page (Title, Publish Date and Description).
  7. Please observed what is appeared in “Contextual Tag” window (This to give an idea what is the video about).
  8. Please click “Show Transcript” button (This will reveal the video transcript and the “Word Cloud”).
  9. Please click “Hide Transcript” (This will hide the video transcript and the “Word Cloud”).
  10. Please return to “Show Transcript” page by clicking “Show Transcript” button
  11. Please observed what is appeared in “Word Cloud” window, and please click any of the words and please observed what is happened.
  12. Please click “Remove Highlights” to return to the full transcript.

  14. Please click any “Eyes Button” , please observed what is happened? (The "Eyes Button" help you to redirect to particular part of the video)
  15. Please click “Message Button” if you not yet “Sign-in”, please do so (You may see “Comment” window ).
  16. Please write any message (comments / questions) related to the video (Your message will appear on "Message Panel").
  17. You may also check your message on your Twitter timeline
  18. You may also check other people message in “More Message” button or “Live Message Panel” on top of the video.
  19. Please try to reply to them
  20. NOW Please again check your twitter Timeline.
  21. Please click the URL available on your twitter timeline / twitter feed.
  22. Please observed what happened when you click the URL and “PLAY” the video (Please ensure that the video will START TO PLAY at particular time of the video where the message is left).
  23. You may REPEAT Step 8 to Step 22 until you familiar and understand every features function in ConTag.
  24. Reminder: You are encouraged to use #contagedu hashtag on Twitter or ConTag.