ConTag is a teaching and learning resources. The system is able to provide users with contextual information from the interactive contextual visualization system.

Our Mission

We introducing new features to support distance learning through educational video.

How it works

User can use various features provided in the system tools. One of the most important features in the system is to provide visual summarization through:

  • 1. Contextual Tag (topic ontology hierarchy information)
  • 2. Word Cloud (word transcript summarization)
  • 3. SNS (Twitter) with temporal and hierarchical info
  • 4. Temporal transcript look through

Topic identification through "Contextual Tag"

The Contextual tag mainly to visualize what topic or domain of the video belongs to.

It is arranged in hierarchical order of the ontology schema obtained from ODP (Open Directory Project).

Video summarization through "Word Cloud"

The Word Cloud are mainly to summarize video content from the transcript. Our objective is to highlight important terms (words) that exist in the video.

The Word Cloud is organized according to the weight value which refer to the term frequency exists in the document.

You can interactively click the words to highlights it in the transcript.

Interactive transcript

The transcript panel allow user to glance through the transcript while watching the video.

User can interactively interact between the transcript and the “Word Cloud”. The text will be highlighted in the transcript if any of the words is clicked. This will help to address language barrier problem (especially for non-native speaker who may hardly listen to native speaker).

There is two button on the right-hand side of the panel. One of the button allow user to jump to (play the video) at particular time in the video on the transcript, meanwhile another one allows user to tweet (leave a message, question or comment / shout-out).

Message Panel

Each recent tweet will appear at the time when the message is written on top of the video player. User may respond to the message by simply clicking two buttons available on right-hand side of the message .

You may click button to left respond to the message left or click button to display message conversation. The system may display message window as follows:

Message Indicator

We call this as “Message Indicator”. It is mainly to indicate where user has tweet or left any message.

You may also see the conversation on your twitter account feed :

Tweet or Message Panel

You may tweet (leave a message) no longer than 117 characters (You need to seek the beauty of the limit) .

What if you wanted to share a very long URL in the message box? You may shorten the URL using this alternative by using Tiny URL.